Outdoor Flooring to Spruce Up Your Patio

If the first thing you think of when imagining outdoor flooring is that fuzzy, green, grass like carpet then you’re not alone. This flooring for the outdoors is reliable, most is water and weather proof, and now comes in more colors that just the bright green we’ve all seen. This type of outdoor floor is used in many areas from the deck of a boat to the back patio at your house.

Outdoor carpet used to be one of your few choices when it came to your outdoor flooring options. But, today? Be ready to shop around for many different types and textures of flooring for your outdoors. Some of these options include:

o Concrete and Brick

o Wood

o Carpet

o Rubber

When considering your outdoor flooring options, you must also consider the functionality and use of your outdoor floor. Here are a few things to consider before making your purchase:

Who will be using the floor?

Rubber is a great option when there are children or elderly around. Taking a fall on this flooring would be much softer than that of concrete or brick. There is also a non-slip option when purchasing this type of flooring, which takes safety and precaution to another level.

Where will this flooring be?

Many of the floors have different functions. For example: cork flooring is available, but if placed directly outdoors with no coverage it may wear much faster than that of wood. If the space is in constant sunlight and will be susceptible to the many types of weather (such as rain, hail, and snow) you may want to consider a tougher floor. Concrete and brick are great for this, and with the new interlocking wood tiles, they too can withstand much wear and tear.

How long do you plan on staying in your home?

With the many twists and turns of life, it’s hard to know just how long you’ll be in one place at one time. If you are currently residing in a home you are unsure as to whether or not is permanent, or you move for business, more permanent flooring (like concrete) is not the choice for you. But, wooden floor tiles are! These tiles are portable and easily moved. If you decide you do not like the placing of the tiles, or you decide to purchase a new home- take them with you!

What style are you going for?

There are many outdoor flooring options, each giving a different look and feel to the space your decorating. If you want a more natural, grass like look to blend in with your garden or back yard try out the outdoor carpeting. It comes in different colors and different weaves, so you’re not limited to just one shade. Outdoor tile also comes in many different shapes and colors, and can give a more elegant, fancy look to your back yard.

With the many Outdoor Flooring Options at your fingertips, it’s hard to know just which one to go with. But, with evaluation and consideration of the many different circumstances, narrowing down these flooring options for the outdoors won’t be so overwhelming and you’ll get a and outdoor floor you are satisfied with!